“(…) since their fulminate Debut in the Brauhauskeller of the Bremer Theater on the 16th of October 2004, the young quartet captivated the audience with their freshly dusted version of the Argentinean. „ Flautango“ tugged the listeners over two hours in their groove-train to a dancing frenzy…”
(from German press cut 2004)

In the beginning the flute played with agility the picaresque melodies of the sensual dance called Tango. Later, when the songs in the South spoke of sadness, solitude and betrayal, the bandonion and the violin took the leading voice. Today in Flautango, the flute assumes again its soloist role; agile, virtuoso, dramatic and expressive, Efrain captures all the emotions of Tango, unfolding with the bandonion and the piano the immense range of colours and distinctive rhythms that epitomise Argentinean Tango, an old music that seems every day newer.



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